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Donors 2007-2013

Donors 2007-2013

Major Corporate Donors :

EKCCU, CBT, RBC Foundation, Rotary Club of Fernie, Bingo, SMS Equipment, Telus, Elk Valley Wine and Brew, Rockies Law Corporation, City of Fernie, Dr. A.M. Kahane, The Load Bakery ( small corporate), Fernie Meat Market, Back Country Meats,

Personal Donations :

Topsall Tankwash Inc., Shirley Tremblay, Luznar/Purdy, Yvonne Sevinski, Della Holly, Beverley Leonard, Victor and Sharon Gleason, Susan Pask, Audrey Barter, Scott Shea, John and Shelley Fauchner, John Mill, Kathleen Noakes, Elk Valley Coal, Sheila and Jack Buchanan, Wilda Quail, Gordon and Evelyn Peters, Kim and Shelley Farrows, Fae and Horace Hickerson, Donald Gehring, J  Gardiner, Perry and Jean Bridden, Bill and Christine Fleming, Angie Luznar, Nancy Taramura, Chris and Marion Guiver, Dennis and Jackie Matsui, Angelo and Betty Schianni, Setsuko Saito, Tony Rino, Elsie Singleton, Shelly Hornquist, Lona Hutchinson, Joanne Mahanes, Curtis and Carol Paprosk, Rosa Della-Siega, Cindy Corrigan, Vince and Betty Knowles, Bonnie McLardys, Frank Lento, Alice Dootoff, Kathy Rybachuk, Della Holly, Ed and Myrna Lowe, Jean Payman, T and P Imperato, Alice Ferrarelli, Doug Quail, Lane Wells, Fenton, Catherine Martin, Karen Sweeney, Therese Holland-Smith, Sharon McDonald, Marjorie Crawford, Dr. Lynn Taylor, Louise Wall, Gotthardt Sombrowski, Mary and Wilfred Williams, Mary Cummings, Diane Rusnuk, Alexiela Petrovello, Donald Anderson, Ray Talarico, Fern Marriott, Carol Holder, Clarence and Lois Rogers, Florence Phillips, James and Adele Dvorak, Michael and Delilah Scott, Bonnie and William Inglis, Penny Goodwin, Anne Dowling, Barb Anderson, Lawrence Khadikn, Rodney Betz, Brian Janzen, Ingrid Marsh, Janet Williams, Gloria Belhumlr, Margo Doeruson, Jessica Laslo, Loriann Hucik, Andrea Murland, Pauline Cibulka, Karen Deibert, Ray Talarico, Fern Marriot, Rose Bjarnason, Cindy Corrigan, Carol Holder