Donors 2017

Many thanks to all 2017 donors!

Bill Silversides, Harold Hendrickson, Pavel Grigoriev,  Diane Souccar, Louise Ratelle, Patricia Stewardson, Mary Loise Rennie, Elizabeth R Field and Dwight K Field, Laurie Jardine, Stephanie Talarico, Diane Stothers, Jan Richard, Gloria Belhmeur, Lise Chasse,

Ghostriders Junior Bantam Team, Waldo Stock Breeders Association, Fernie Ladies Golf, Giv’Er Shirt Works, Waldo Stock Breeders Association.


“Hospice is for people who care … Give’Er prints things for people to wear. Together we make a perfect pair!!”
Elk Valley Hospice has won the “Giv’Er Shirt Away” competition and thanks Give’er Shirt Works for the 50 custom T-Shirts with the Elk Valley Hospcie logo!